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ROBA Production Music And Peugeot
29/06/2015: The nice making of of the new Peugeot 208 spot with Mario Galla is now online. It is supported by "On the Move" from our label "Heavy Hitters Music". Check out our Facebook page for the video...
ROBA Production Music And Ford
24/06/2015: A Ford Drive Hacks Spot is supported by source music from our label Songs To Your Eyes. Take a look on our Facebook page...
ROBA Production Music And Duplo
23/06/2015: A new Duplo Spot with the TAPE FIVE Song "Soulsalicious" from our Label ROBA Series. Check out our Facebook page.
ROBA Production Music and Deichmann
11/06/2015: Sneakers and cats! What could be better? Check out our Facebook page for the latest Sneaker President clip....Meow!