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The seductive darkness of Scandinavia

Whether it's about a nervous moment, an eerie situation or a nerve-racking chase – this playlist offers a breathtaking soundscape in line with Scandinavian crime thrillers.
Play Title Version Length Clipboard Download Favorites Project License
mysterious, tense, tension, pulsating, evocative, anxious, anticipation, dark, ...
Alt 02:13

nervous, hyper, uncertain, doubtful, dramatic, sentimental, nostalgic
Full 02:11

atmospheric, heavenly, ambient, panoramic, dreamy, ethereal, gentle, ...
Alt 01:51

suspenseful, tense, ominous, mysterious, confident, determined, melancholy, ...
Full 01:46

mysterious, tense, tension, suspenseful, dark, quirky, evocative, intense, ...
Full 01:13

tension, suspenseful, anticipation, mysterious, dark, tense, ominous, ...
Full 01:41

tense, tension, spheric, dark, deep, spacy, atmospheric, eerie, horrific, ...
Full 02:16

oriental, suspenseful, dark, sneaky, mysterious, tense, evocative
Full 01:27

mysterious, dark, ominous, spy, tense, tension, suspenseful, dramatic, ...
Full 02:44

dark, investigative, mysterious, anticipation, deep, evil, psycho, sinister, ...
Full 01:24

dark, suspenseful, tense, ominous, mysterious, uncertain
Full 00:45

mysterious, tense, tension, dark, ambient, evocative, pulsating, proud, epic, ...
Alt 01:24

mysterious, driving, dynamic, ominous, tense, tension, intense, suspenseful, ...
Full 02:46

mysterious, heavenly, ambient, atmospheric, haunting
Full 04:15

pensive, desperate, ominous, nervous, hopeful, tension, hyper, building, ...
Full 02:37

atmospheric, ambient, doubtful, ethereal, gentle, hypnotic, inspiring, lonely, ...
Full 05:04