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Discovering Northern Germany

This fine selection of organic compositions complements small natural spectacles as well as beautiful landscape shots. Traditional sounds, whether from accordion or acoustic guitar, inspire a sense of home, whereas spherical-floating sounds provoke thought.

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peaceful, dreamy, magical, atmospheric, gentle, innocent, flowing, ethereal
Full 03:33

longing, pensive, thoughtful, flowing, nostalgic, gentle, pastoral, sunny
Full 03:07

sparse, mechanical, warm, pulsating, driving, uplifting, dreamy, atmospheric, ...
Full 03:45

dreamy, innocent, building, hopeful, inspiring, cheerful, heavenly, ...
Alt 02:15

hypnotic, sweet, gentle, dreamy, anticipation
Alt 01:53

flowing, relaxed, dreamy, thoughtful, gentle, longing, mellow, romantic, ...
Full 02:48

peaceful, relaxed, reflective, melancholy, flowing, sweet, panoramic, ...
Full 02:52

sparse, positive, hopeful, sweet, gentle
Full 01:46

panoramic, peaceful, lighthearted, innocent, relaxed, gentle, positive, ...
Full 03:01

playful, peaceful, dreamy, gentle, melodramatic, melancholy, flowing
Full 02:26

happy, positive, fun, lighthearted, carefree, cheerful, feel good, sunny, ...
Full 02:25

cute, hopeful, magical, hypnotic, positive, lighthearted
Full 02:10

lighthearted, positive, peaceful, relaxed, happy, sunny, innocent, cheerful, ...
Alt 02:38

peaceful, melancholy, relaxed, playful, sophisticated, panoramic, reflective, ...
Full 02:27

lonely, gentle, dreamy, peaceful, retrospective, pensive, thoughtful, hopeful, ...
Full 02:25

pensive, thoughtful, atmospheric, positive, hopeful, lively, energetic, ...
Full 05:01

melancholy, solemn, cheesy, doubtful, gentle, inspiring, lonely, ...
Full 03:12

pensive, thoughtful, lonely, poignant, gentle, sentimental, longing, ...
Full 02:33

gentle, hopeful, lively, uplifting, driving, motivational, magical, positive, ...
Full 02:05

sparse, peaceful, smooth, gentle, ethereal, spheric, lonely, thoughtful, ...
Full 02:14