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Who will become the world champion?

From June 14th to July 15th 2018 fans around the globe will feverishly await the big finale of the soccer world championship in Russia. To musically accompany this emotional potpourri of dramatic tension, big euphoria and bitter disappointment you will find perfectly appropriate tracks in this playlist!
Play Title Version Length Clipboard Download Favorites Project License
epic, proud, majestic, dreamy, elegant, sophisticated, melancholy, thoughtful, ...
Full 01:57

heavenly, epic, hopeful, poignant, love, romantic, patriotic, heroic
Full 02:16

bold, building, carefree, cool, determined, driving, dynamic, energetic, feel ...
Alt 01:42

building, warm, uplifting, driving, inspiring, positive, happy, hopeful, ...
Alt 04:00

bold, building, confident, determined, driving, dramatic, dynamic, elegant, ...
Full 03:02

uplifting, cool, confident, dreamy, driving, dynamic, euphoric, hopeful, ...
Alt 03:15

dramatic, suspenseful, tense, nervous, evocative, poignant
Full 03:21

dramatic, heroic, bold, tense, poignant, epic, suspenseful, sweeping
Alt 02:04

dramatic, hectic, nervous, swirling, suspenseful, intense
Full 02:50

uplifting, triumphant, inspiring, heroic, dreamy
Full 01:05

pulsating, anticipation, powerful, building, driving, aggressive, triumphant
Full 02:37

uplifting, cool, playful, mechanical, party, exotic
Full 03:29

driving, hectic, lively, humorous, happy, fun, childlike, playful, innocent, ...
Full 01:53

cool, driving, uplifting, exotic, teen, sexy, party
Full 03:24

urban, dreamy, building, teen, hyper, party, Swag, euphoric, hi-energy
Full 04:44

sunny, happy, carefree, warm, hyper, teen, elegant, sensual, urban, retro
Alt 02:22

urban, building, party, euphoric, teen, fun, ghetto
Alt 03:54

cool, driving, uplifting, exotic, teen, sexy, party
Full 03:46

sentimental, melancholy, sad, deep, melodramatic, moanful, russian
Full 03:39

sad, reflective, sentimental, dramatic, melodramatic, hopeful, moanful, ...
Full 02:13

melancholy, sad, dramatic, solemn, serious, melodramatic
Full 02:30

sentimental, romantic, thoughtful, pensive, dramatic, reflective, melancholy, ...
Full 02:29