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Christmas Moods
What a nice how-d'ye-do! If quiet and reflective or driving and playful – this playlist provides a diverse selection of our most beautiful and modern Christmas songs! Seasonal productions, whether Christmas movies, festive commercials or editorial TV reports of charity projects will find here their perfect song.
Play Title Version Length Clipboard Download Favorites Project License
festive, happy, sensual, intimate, love, positive, retrospective, pensive
Full 02:02

magical, inspiring, love, dreamy, heavenly, festive, cute, innocent, ...
Full 01:57

gentle, hopeful, happy, sentimental, festive, anticipation, sweet, romantic, ...
Full 03:22

romantic, flowing, playful, sweet, dreamy, thoughtful, sentimental
Full 01:57

jazzy, festive, anticipation, happy, feel good, relaxed, smooth
Full 02:58

sweet, childlike, festive, sentimental, reflective, solemn, melancholy, ...
Full 03:07

fun, festive, warm, love, peaceful, happy, feel good, heavenly, positive, ...
Full 03:31

sweet, childlike, anticipation, naive, cute, romantic, festive, nostalgic
Full 03:23

festive, anticipation, happy, lively, cute, feel good, childlike, playful
Full 02:39

childlike, cheerful, fun, playful, naive, cute, whimsical
Full 01:55

happy, positive, fun, lighthearted, carefree, cheerful, feel good, ...
Full 01:59

childlike, cheerful, fun, playful, cute, festive, happy
Full 01:33

cute, mellow, sweet, fun, humorous, playful, happy, childlike, feel good
Full 02:32

fun, childlike, playful, positive, happy, atmospheric, sweet
Alt 00:23

epic, majestic, panoramic, love, romantic, melodramatic, dynamic, magical
Full 03:44

hopeful, anticipation, festive, longing, naive, childlike, moody, sweeping
Full 02:37

festive, sweet, innocent, romantic, love, naive, cute, elegant, cheesy, ...
Full 03:13