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The Soundtrack For Broken Hearts And Tragedy.

Human-Drama, Melancholy,  The Gloomy Side Of Life...

Play Title Version Length Clipboard Download Favorites Project License
sad, melancholy, dark, depressive, inspiring, gentle
Full 01:43

ambient, sparse, lonely, reflective, retrospective, introspective, ...
Full 03:59

doubtful, melancholy, dreamy, dramatic, heavenly, impassionate, inspiring, ...
Full 02:41

deep, warm, tense, depressive, dynamic, ominous, mellow, smooth, lonely, sad, ...
Full 02:44

dynamic, thoughtful, dramatic, flowing, magical, atmospheric, dark, ...
Full 02:01

melodramatic, sad, dynamic, inspiring, solemn, serious, thoughtful, melancholy
Full 04:09

sad, dreamy, thoughtful, inspiring, doubtful, sentimental, sparse, lonely, ...
Full 02:16

sad, melancholy, lonely, depressive, deep, elegant, gentle, solemn, longing, ...
Full 03:24

smooth, relaxed, gentle, dreamy, peaceful, thoughtful, inspiring, love
Full 02:36

sentimental, mellow, sensual, flowing, longing, dreamy, thoughtful, sad, ...
Full 02:14

reflective, sentimental, moanful, melancholy, sad, warm, poignant
Full 03:38

retrospective, lonely, sad, melancholy, reflective, depressive, nostalgic, ...
Full 05:01

thoughtful, innocent, sentimental, laid back, warm, playful, smooth, mellow, ...
Full 04:39

moody, uncertain, gentle, melancholy, sad, lonely
Full 02:12

tense, tension, dark, pulsating, anticipation, depressive, investigative, ...
Full 01:44

sparse, reflective, introspective, pensive, intimate, lonely
Full 00:53

spiritual, dreamy, exotic, oriental, gentle, hypnotic, melodramatic, ...
Full 02:53

atmospheric, desperate, lonely, dramatic, longing, melancholy, pensive, ...
Full 03:54

warm, sentimental, romantic, thoughtful, love, melodramatic, hopeful, ...
Full 03:44

playful, exotic, lively, intense, moody
Full 02:57

dreamy, romantic, desperate, whiny, reflective, melancholy
Full 04:38

melancholy, pensive, thoughtful, serious, nostalgic, desperate, gentle, ...
Full 02:13

elegant, prestigious, thoughtful, playful, sentimental, cute, festive, chamber
Full 02:40

chamber, sophisticated, sad, longing, reflective, poignant, melodramatic, ...
Full 02:01

sad, deep, longing, poignant, intense, dynamic, mysterious, tense, epic, ...
Full 02:24

doubtful, melancholy, dreamy, dramatic, impassionate, inspiring, longing, ...
Full 03:07

warm, deep, peaceful, dreamy, lonely, sad, elegant, mellow, intense, ...
Full 02:57

melancholy, panoramic, sparse, sophisticated, serious, doubtful, gentle, ...
Full 01:28

melancholy, sad, inspiring, sweeping, panoramic
Full 02:04

ambient, deep, desperate, moanful, poignant, sad, thoughtful, lonely, sad
Full 02:18

heavenly, spheric, hopeful, panoramic, inspiring, melodramatic, longing, ...
Full 03:21