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Clothed In Glory !

Majestic Moments, Big Emotions And The Right Sound For Winners. This Is A Nice Playlist For The Next Award Ceremony.

Series: Eye Tunes, On-Air, First Take, Slow-mo, Addlips
Play Title Version Length Clipboard Download Favorites Project License
heavenly, epic, hopeful, poignant, love, romantic, patriotic, heroic
Full 02:16

patriotic, powerful, epic, hopeful, heroic
Full 02:39

positive, uplifting, inspiring, deep, motivational, building, hopeful, dreamy, ...
Full 02:15

poignant, proud, prestigious, heavenly, atmospheric, inspiring
Full 03:02

sweeping, dynamic, bold, positive, motivational, thoughtful, proud, ...
Full 05:26

majestic, powerful, heavenly, prestigious, triumphant, awards, driving
Full 03:28

hopeful, peaceful, retrospective, patriotic
Full 00:43

uplifting, motivational, majestic, confident, feel good, dynamic
Full 00:26

uplifting, epic, heroic, awards, cheerful, triumphant
Full 00:19

inspiring, hopeful, uplifting, feel good, relaxed
Full 01:28

inspiring, fun, happy, hopeful, euphoric, uplifting
Full 00:32

dramatic, building, determined, prestigious, romantic, sweeping
Full 02:16

confident, aggressive, tense, driving, dark, dynamic, energetic, dramatic, ...
Full 00:23

poignant, chasing, hyper, suspenseful, surprising, tension, asian
Full 00:26

uplifting, majestic, motivational, inspiring, festive, confident
Full 00:32

epic, awards, motivational, dynamic, euphoric, heroic, uplifting
Full 00:28

festive, euphoric, happy, dynamic, powerful, majestic, military, awards
Full 00:03

confident, epic, poignant, sentimental, love, thoughtful, inspiring
Full 02:04