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Is this still production music or already the next big hit? Oh, who knows. We like to move on the narrow ridge in between and present you here selected tracks, which you can not only license easy-peasy, but also give the impression of a chart stormer. But listen for yourself!
Play Title Version Length Clipboard Download Favorites Project License
uplifting, bouncy, fun, whimsical, teen, sunny, confident, sexy
Full 03:38

energetic, lively, driving, confident, positive, urban, warm, poignant, sad, ...
Full 03:57

warm, dark, spheric, ambient, poignant, sad, dreamy, sexy
Full 02:40

cool, mysterious, atmospheric, dreamy, ethereal, hypnotic, intimate, ...
Full 02:57

gentle, dreamy, driving, cute, carefree, feel good, atmospheric, fun, happy, ...
Full 04:28

urban, sunny, feel good, party, cool, whimsical, Swag
Full 02:55

positive, happy, sunny, driving, dynamic, lively, energetic, warm, mellow
Full 03:10

dreamy, teen, ambient, elegant, feel good, uplifting, futuristic, building, ...
Full 02:56

dreamy, elegant, teen, surprising, bouncy, poignant, eccentric, confident, ...
Full 02:53

lively, energetic, dynamic, driving, sexy, positive, cool, bouncy
Full 02:05

urban, bouncy, driving, determined, powerful, aggressive, energetic
Full 02:42

urban, motivational, energetic, crazy, tense
Full 01:48

urban, Swag, cool, intense, ghetto, determined, panoramic, proud
Full 03:08

urban, confident, fun, uplifting, carefree, cool, retro
Full 03:31

urban, sensual, teen, proud, wild, crazy, intense
Full 02:02

urban, driving, energetic, crazy, eccentric, fun, uplifting, powerful, hyper
Full 02:34

uplifting, cool, confident, dreamy, driving, dynamic, euphoric, hopeful, ...
Full 03:15

urban, teen, romantic, love, naive, feel good, longing, euphoric, pulsating
Full 02:34

driving, positive, dynamic, groovy, cool, bouncy, exotic, carefree, laid back, ...
Full 05:06

urban, quirky, cool, Swag, elegant, eccentric, strange
Full 04:29

dreamy, panoramic, urban, sensual, seductive, sexy, elegant, dark, inspiring
Full 06:20

urban, motivational, uplifting, pulsating, sensual, sexy, cool, elegant, teen
Full 02:45

crazy, futuristic, urban, elegant, sophisticated
Full 03:44

inspiring, poignant, teen, ethereal, magical, sweeping
Full 02:34

funky, retro, uplifting, fun, cheerful, happy, feel good
Full 02:44