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Bang your Head!

This Hard N Heavy Playlist Fires You Up And Rocks Your Ass. Its Velocity Guitars, Big Drums And Loud Vocals Are Perfect For Use In Action Movies Or Hi-Energy Sport Scenes.

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aggressive, driving, powerful, chasing, determined, desperate, energetic, ...
Full 03:51

rough, driving, powerful, cheerful, fun, moody
Full 02:22

bold, cool, dark, powerful, energetic, determined, rough
Full 03:18

uplifting, determined, rough, dynamic, intense, driving, frenetic, ...
Full 03:50

determined, powerful, aggressive, driving, motivational, bold, fun, cool
Full 03:18

atmospheric, energetic, rough, earthy, cool, confident, determined, driving, ...
Full 01:25

suspenseful, powerful, cool, confident, determined, energetic, driving, ...
Full 02:16

aggressive, hi-energy, rough, sweeping, dark, dramatic, pensive, angry
Full 02:06

relaxed, cool, earthy, energetic, retro, impassionate, motivational
Full 03:17

driving, wild, hi-energy, rough, ghetto, aggressive, fun, party, teen, angry, ...
Full 01:07

powerful, determined, hyper, rough, aggressive, driving
Full 01:45

cool, powerful, determined, fun, cheerful, moody, driving
Full 01:15

carefree, cool, driving, energetic, feel good, fun, happy, lively, ...
Full 02:21