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Jan Finck & Thomas Burhorn
Hastings Music
The Brand HASTINGS stands for Audio and Music Production and Sound Design at its highest level. The Hastings Audio Network has studios in Berlin, Dusseldorf, Geneva, Hamburg and Zurich and offers full service Audio Production and Music Clearing. Jan Finck and Thomas Burhorn from Hamburg head office are primarily responsible Music Consultant experts - nothing escapes their ears and taste.
These are their exotic ROBA Production Music favorites.
Play Title Version Length Clipboard Download Favorites Project License
haunting, rough, psycho, aggressive, horrific, evil
Full 00:35

sensual, warm, sunny, uplifting, positive, sweet, childlike
Full 03:20

urban, ghetto, cool, mysterious, oriental, hypnotic
Full 01:36

tribal, mysterious, exotic, meditative, hypnotic, indian
Full 02:14

retro, nostalgic, positive, motivational, triumphant, energetic, driving, ...
Full 03:27