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Flamingos In An Elevator?

You Bet! This Playlist Offers Everything You Need For A Relaxed Day At The Beach Bar Or An Exciting Ride To The Fifth Floor. How Do You Say "Banana Daiquiri"?

Play Title Version Length Clipboard Download Favorites Project License
smooth, gentle, romantic, sentimental, love
Alt 04:16

lighthearted, relaxed, smooth, mellow, jazzy, dreamy, uplifting, gentle, ...
Full 01:50

smooth, groovy, jazzy, dynamic, laid back, cool, sophisticated, dreamy
Full 03:49

exotic, laid back, relaxed, happy, cheerful, playful, dynamic
Alt 00:21

uplifting, inspiring, feel good, dreamy, dynamic, 30 seconds
Full 00:32

carefree, lighthearted, cheerful, dreamy, uplifting, dynamic
Full 03:44

groovy, laid back, jazzy, exotic, romantic, longing, love, cheesy, positive, ...
Alt 03:02

jazzy, carefree, mellow, cool, positive
Full 00:46

positive, mellow, laid back, carefree, feel good
Full 00:30

happy, feel good, playful, humorous, positive
Full 03:06

smooth, seductive, love, romantic, relaxed, exotic, dreamy, longing, sexy, ...
Full 03:30

fun, happy, childlike, innocent, naive, whimsical, jazzy, groovy, exotic
Full 02:08

atmospheric, flowing, dreamy, thoughtful, jazzy, groovy, feel good, ...
Alt 01:57

jazzy, happy, feel good, lively, positive, playful
Full 01:51

sunny, motivational, feel good, lighthearted, positive, uplifting, playful
Full 00:44

jazzy, romantic, laid back, curious, lighthearted, playful, positive, quirky, ...
Alt 01:23

happy, feel good, playful, uplifting, positive, carefree
Full 01:12

jazzy, mellow, romantic, laid back, playful
Full 02:24

laid back, relaxed, peaceful, playful, intimate
Full 02:40

fun, sunny, cheerful, happy, cute, exotic, 60 seconds
Full 01:02

confident, fun, lighthearted, carefree, cute, sunny, warm, relaxed, exotic
Full 01:54