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Cheesy Listening


Guys, this is chilling. Whether as a flamingo in the elevator, as a Dude & Dudette at the beach bar or as a queen in the beauty salon – this playlist brings pure relaxation. Bossa Nova pearls, chillout tracks and smooth jazz pieces feel just as much at home here as easy listening vibes.

Play Title Version Length Clipboard Download Favorites Project License
warm, carefree, positive, relaxed, sensual
Full 02:57

dreamy, carefree, soothing, sentimental, love, warm, happy, feel good, gentle
Full 02:11

smooth, sensual, relaxed, romantic, sexy, warm, jazzy, cheesy
Full 03:08

jazzy, carefree, mellow, cool, positive
Full 00:46

relaxed, carefree, feel good, warm, jazzy, sunny
Full 01:39

carefree, hopeful, fun, humorous, sensual, warm, seductive, happy, positive, ...
Full 02:17

relaxed, laid back, humorous, whimsical, sunny, romantic, ironic, 60 seconds
Full 01:03

atmospheric, carefree, lighthearted, smooth, dreamy, relaxed, peaceful, ...
Full 02:48

sunny, motivational, feel good, lighthearted, positive, uplifting, playful
Full 00:44

jazzy, mellow, romantic, laid back, playful
Full 02:24

happy, feel good, playful, uplifting, positive, carefree
Full 01:12

dynamic, warm, inspiring, cool, soulful, sexy, relaxed, exotic, romantic, ...
Full 03:58

sunny, warm, romantic, whimsical, feel good, happy, carefree, lighthearted
Full 02:57

relaxed, sunny, gentle, feel good, laid back, romantic, love, retro, cheesy
Full 03:22

sunny, lazy, relaxed, laid back, confident, happy, carefree, lighthearted, ...
Full 02:22

surprising, happy, humorous, fun, carefree, cheerful, ironic, cheesy
Full 01:33

atmospheric, flowing, dreamy, thoughtful, jazzy, groovy, feel good, ...
Alt 01:57

confident, fun, lighthearted, carefree, cute, sunny, warm, relaxed, exotic
Full 01:54

jazzy, romantic, laid back, curious, lighthearted, playful, positive, quirky, ...
Alt 01:23

laid back, relaxed, peaceful, playful, intimate
Full 02:40

seductive, lazy, relaxed, laid back, warm, sensual, love, cheesy, retro, ...
Full 02:03

seductive, sensual, exotic, peaceful, gentle, relaxed, laid back, elegant, ...
Full 02:33

peaceful, festive, carefree, longing, warm, dreamy, romantic, cheesy
Full 03:09

lazy, relaxed, laid back, carefree, peaceful, jazzy
Full 02:25