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Christmas Classics
The peaceful Christmas time is never out of fashion, nor some classics, which have always sweeten the Advent season. The crème de la crème of traditional Christmas songs – predestinated for use in a commercial, a documentation or a short film – can be found in this playlist.
Play Title Version Length Clipboard Download Favorites Project License
ambient, building, cheesy, dynamic, festive, flowing, innocent, peaceful, ...
Full 02:09

ambient, cheesy, childlike, festive, peaceful, reflective, relaxed, romantic, ...
Full 02:58

festive, elegant, sophisticated, playful, quirky, happy, anticipation
Full 02:39

peaceful, festive, hopeful, innocent, pastoral, romantic, spiritual, sweet
Full 02:21

festive, nostalgic, retrospective, sophisticated, elegant, prestigious, ...
Full 02:47

ambient, cheesy, dynamic, festive, flowing, innocent, peaceful, reflective, ...
Full 03:09

warm, sweet, atmospheric, lighthearted, peaceful, childlike
Full 01:19

peaceful, festive, hopeful, innocent, pastoral, romantic, spiritual, sweet, ...
Full 02:53

ambient, cheesy, dynamic, elegant, festive, gentle, peaceful, reflective, ...
Full 02:14

festive, anticipation, sweet, happy, feel good, playful, cute
Full 02:50

ambient, cheesy, dynamic, feel good, festive, innocent, peaceful, reflective, ...
Full 02:45

churchy, heavenly, cheerful, smooth, warm, sweet, gentle, happy
Full 03:56

anticipation, festive, happy, love, reflective, romantic, sentimental
Full 02:42

ambient, cheesy, childlike, festive, innocent, peaceful, reflective, relaxed, ...
Full 02:01

festive, anticipation, cute, carefree, romantic, happy, uplifting, sentimental
Full 02:45