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Christmas Crooners
Harmonious, warm sound, smooth vocals and melodies in the easy-listening style, create a relaxing musical ambiance of well-being. The subtle compositions of this playlist are outstandingly suitable to emphasise the peaceful Christmas season in a movie, commercial or in a video about charity.
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jazzy, innocent, childlike, festive, sweet, happy, fun, smooth, romantic, ...
Full 02:17

cute, warm, impassionate, happy, cheerful, retro, feel good, festive, jazzy
Full 02:33

romantic, gentle, mellow, festive, happy, relaxed, elegant, sweet, cheerful, ...
Full 02:04

romantic, gentle, festive, relaxed, mellow, jazzy, cheerful, dreamy
Full 02:15

festive, jazzy, motivational, uplifting, inspiring, warm, positive, nostalgic, ...
Full 03:34

childlike, cute, curious, turbulent, cheerful, happy, sweet, elegant
Alt 01:52

positive, cute, warm, relaxed, laid back, festive, jazzy, retro
Full 02:10

warm, cheerful, jazzy, gentle, smooth, festive, elegant, happy
Full 02:17

jazzy, laid back, pensive, thoughtful, intimate, impassionate, soulful, ...
Full 02:36

warm, gentle, romantic, sweet, love, festive, cheerful, jazzy, relaxed
Full 02:19

cheerful, jazzy, warm, relaxed, romantic, sweet, gentle, jazzy, dreamy
Full 02:17