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Creepy Christmas
Do you dare to listen to the eerily beautiful songs of this playlist? Then press PLAY and we'll take you to the cabinet of creepiness. Here the pleasantly christmas celebration turns into a real nightmare, where eccentric witches, mad Father Christmases and cursed reindeers are coming right for you. Having said that, we can not promise, whether the cold shiver fades just as quickly as it will run down your spine!
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dark, tense, mysterious, investigative, curious, lonely, Science
Full 00:51

ambient, atmospheric, deep, dreamy, elegant, ethereal, gentle, haunting, ...
Full 02:00

evil, rowdy, psycho, crazy, ominous, sinister, mysterious
Full 00:33

quirky, whimsical, mysterious, sinister, tense, tension
Full 01:30

anticipation, anxious, dark, mysterious, evil, eerie, haunting, horrific, ...
Full 01:43

anxious, dark, eerie, evil, evocative, haunting, horrific, mysterious, psycho, ...
Full 03:00

quirky, sneaky, fun, motivational, ironic, driving, chasing, nostalgic, ...
Full 01:10

dark, haunting, investigative, mysterious, tension
Full 02:00

dark, tense, sneaky, investigative, hopeful, dynamic, retro, dramatic, ...
Full 02:48

dark, investigative, mysterious, anticipation, deep, evil, psycho, sinister, ...
Full 00:54

anticipation, anxious, dark, mysterious, evil, eerie, haunting, horrific, ...
Full 01:34