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Our World Is Full Of Colors!

This Is The Complete Chart Of Color Range For Our Nature. Music For Documentaries And Reports That Show Landscape Pictures From Regions All Over The World. Deserts, Oceans, Woods, Mountains And Many More!
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epic, proud, bold, confident, dynamic, dreamy, heroic, military, panoramic
Full 02:10

atmospheric, panoramic, ambient, spheric, heavenly, peaceful, meditative, ...
Full 03:46

peaceful, investigative, atmospheric, positive, hopeful, carefree, ...
Full 02:37

peaceful, relaxed, mellow, reflective, magical, inspiring, sparse, pensive
Full 02:31

panoramic, atmospheric, dreamy, gentle, heavenly, magical, meditative
Full 01:23

playful, romantic, happy, sentimental, panoramic
Full 01:55

epic, peaceful, romantic, melancholy, motivational, panoramic, euphoric, ...
Full 04:31

peaceful, relaxed, reflective, melancholy, flowing, sweet, panoramic, ...
Full 02:52

melancholy, solemn, cheesy, doubtful, gentle, inspiring, lonely, ...
Full 03:28

warm, meditative, atmospheric, panoramic, ambient, relaxed, positive, jazzy, ...
Full 06:32

spacy, deep, peaceful, relaxed, futuristic, atmospheric, dreamy, inspiring, ...
Full 02:15

atmospheric, ambient, doubtful, ethereal, gentle, hypnotic, inspiring, lonely, ...
Full 05:04

atmospheric, panoramic, ambient, spheric, meditative, peaceful, mysterious, ...
30s 00:30

mysterious, ominous, dark, tense, tension, suspenseful, desperate
Full 10:23

ambient, haunting, tense, futuristic, atmospheric
Full 04:00

panoramic, sunny, atmospheric, carefree, driving, exotic, feel good, happy, ...
Full 02:16

dynamic, powerful, poignant, mysterious, suspenseful, tense, tension, driving, ...
Full 02:39

asian, mysterious, confident, meditative, hypnotic, suspenseful, tribal, ...
Full 01:25

haunting, atmospheric, dreamy, ethereal, introspective, exotic, mysterious, ...
Full 03:40

powerful, poignant, intense, dynamic, energetic, hopeful, inspiring, exotic, ...
Full 02:29

panoramic, sunny, atmospheric, inspiring, gentle, dynamic, dreamy
Full 02:18

solemn, flowing, deep, relaxed, warm, smooth, meditative, dreamy, peaceful, ...
Full 04:00